Journey of the Ark of the Covenant

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Journey of the Ark of the Covenant

Journey of the Ark of the Covenant

Journey of the Ark of the Covenant There are many speculations about the Ark of the Covenant, but today all of them cannot go beyond an assumption. In this article we will try to inform you about the Ark of the Covenant as much as possible in a manner which is objective and far from fiction.

What is Ark of the Covenant? Where is Ark of the Covenant?

Ark of the Covenant is a chest that belongs to Prophet Moses and built for the preservation of the holy book Torah. The chest used to keep in the Temple of Solomon in Holy Land Jerusalem in ancient times together with Ten Commandments of Torah and some religious staff however today the actual location of the chest is not known although there are many speculations about where the chest is.

The Power of the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant has no any divine power as expected but it has the first orders that were sent to the people by God. These Ten Commandments given directly to mankind are in this chest originally i.e., with tablets. Except that there’s also some personal belongings of the Prophet Moses and all of them are considered to be sacred.

When the Ark of the Covenant Will Be Found?

Despite all the speculations the only issue that everyone is sure about is the time when Ark of the Covenant will be found. The chest will be found together with Prophet Mahdi ass mentioned in hadiths however the time or when the chest will be found is not clear and it is not known by anyone.



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