Unknown Value of Hagia Sophia

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Unknown Value of Hagia Sophia

Unknown Value of Hagia Sophia

Unknown Value of Hagia Sophia, Hagia Sophia is one of the most important structures both for Christians and Muslims on the world. Hagia Sophia continues its existence as a museum in Istanbul since 1934 and welcoming millions of tourists every year.

Unknown History of Hagia Sophia

There are many information about Hagia Sophia that has not been noted down in any written source and many of these are discovered by experts in time. There are some icons on the building’s columns and in various places which are unresolved and not fully understood yet.

Hagia Sophia Plans of Nations

Although it is not clear, many Christian countries especially Greece which is considered as the successor of the Byzantine Empire have a desire to regain the Hagia Sophia. Even these plans have not been expressed under any condition, various secret agreements are leaked from time to time.

Treasures of Hagia Sophia

The greatest treasures of Hagia Sophia are assumed to be the tombs in it. Tombs of 5 Ottoman Sultans are in the building and they are open to the visits of public. Except that some artifacts have been found during the renovation work but no any explanation made about what these objects are due to confidentiality.

Will Hagia Sophia Be Mosque?

Many discussions are ongoing for years about Hagia Sophia will be mosque but no any serious steps taken yet. However current Turkish Government expresses how serious they are about it at every possible opportunity.



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