Unknowns of Jerusalem

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Unknowns of Jerusalem

Unknowns of Jerusalem

Unknowns of Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city within the borders of Palestine and considered sacred by the three monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The first building that comes to the minds is the Masjid-I-Aqsa. Today, the city is one of the oldest cities that still hosts the mankind.

Holy Treasures Hidden in Jerusalem

There is personal belongings of Prophet Moses and the crate which keeps these belongings among the treasures that are believed to be hidden in Jerusalem. This crate is known as Ark of the Covenant. The crate was seen in the pre-occupation of Jerusalem by Babylonian emperor Buhtunnesar who built the Hanging Gardens according to historical sources and it could not found since from this date.

What is Solomon’s Temple? Will It Be Re-Build Again?

Solomon’s Temple has the distinction of being the first Jewish temple built within the boundaries of Jerusalem. Although there are speculations about the re-building of the temple, this idea seems impossible because of ongoing archaeological excavations carried out since 2007 in the current field.

Jerusalem Plan of Secret Organizations

Majority of plans leaked to media for Jerusalem are about the Judaization of Jerusalem and Israel. Those following the Torah which is the first book that sent to Earth believe that Jerusalem is their territory and they continue to work to regain the land that they believe it belongs to themselves.

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